Jumat, 18 April 2014

Must Have for Calculus

Its a review about this product

I would give this book gazillion stars ...!
I used to this book to pass first quarter of calculus.
True story, yesterday, which is the first day of winter quarter at my school, after doing my assigned homework of reading two sections of my Calculus textbook on integrals, I was about to drop the class and quit math. Took me 3 hours to read 10 pages of the textbook and all I got out of the textbook was "HUH!?"
Not wanting to wait in line to drop class, I read the chapter on intergrals from HOW TO ACE CALCULUS and immidiately I was "OH!!!". This book really make me not wanting to go back read anything from big caculus books that weight like a brick.
GET THIS BOOK! Even if you end up dropping calculus, you can still read this book for fun. Because this is actually FUNNY!


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