Selasa, 25 Februari 2014

Free College Resource Book

Its a review about this product

As a parent of an eleventh grade student, I am eager to learn all I can about saving money on college expenses. I was intrigued by the fact the authors of FREE COLLEGE RESOURCE BOOK put five children through college at no cost to them. I thought these authors must know lots of money saving secrets. I was not disappointed.

FREE COLLEGE RESOURCE BOOK is more than a listing of scholarships. The first section takes the time to get your child thinking about a career path. It also covers the importance of your child being a well rounded individual so they are more appealing to scholarship sponsors.

Along with finding money, this book gives tips on writing essays, handling interviews, and choosing the right college. Students are encouraged to keep a journal and organize brochures, letters, etc., in an easy to find system. FREE COLLEGE RESOURCE BOOK is a valuable resource for college bound students and their parents.


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